Dr. Maya Angelou adds to The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait

by ANJANETTE FLOWERS / NewsChannel 36

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- As fans around the world remember the King of Pop, a year later, so are people in the Carolinas, including poet Dr. Maya Angelou.

She was given a special honor to be part of the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait.

"The entire portrait is created from only dots,” said David Ilan, the artist.

He went on to say, “when the dots come together, that's what creates Michael's image.”

Right now, the portrait has more than 250,000 dots.

Each one represents a fan.

Dr. Angelou got her dot right next to Jackson’s family and friends.

"There's a special area over here in the heart that's reserved for special people like yourself," said Illan to Angelou.

Angelou admits Jackson touched her life in so many ways.

"I think that Michael Jackson had a rare sense, maybe not a sixth sense, maybe it's a 10th or 20th sense. He sensed the rhythm in the human body. That's really what he did,” she said.

Angelou shared some of her fondest memories of Jackson.

"When I watch Michael Jackson and listen to him at whatever age he is, really, really, I don't do that moon walk, but I used to,” she said.

She went on to say, “he spoke for me in his songs and his life. He spoke for me and so I'm grateful on many levels, on many accounts. I'm indebted to him.”

Even year later, he still has an impact.

"He brought people together,” said Angelou.

After his death, Angelou wrote a poem to remember Jackson.

Queen Latifah read it at his memorial service last year.

Angelou shared it with us.

"In the instant that Michael is gone, we know nothing, no clocks can tell our time," she said.

Just like her poem, Jackson’s music continues to resonate with so many of his fans.

"We are missing Michael, but we do know that we had him and we, we are the world," said Angelou.

Anyone can request a dot on the portrait. In fact, Ilan said it will take about a million to complete the image of Jackson.

Once finished, the portrait will be displayed at the Jackson family museum in Gary, Indiana.

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