MJ Humanitarian Project


Michael Jackson’s family and friends, and other VIPs have joined with hundreds of thousands of fans from over 180 countries to form this living tribute, the largest and most respected in the world.

Website: www.MichaelJacksonTributePortrait.com

Upon the news of Michael Jackson's passing, David was asked to create a work of art in honor of Michael – a tribute to his humanitarianism. David co-created the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait (MJTP) in a way that allows everyone whose life was positively impacted because of Michael Jackson to join for free and work together to reflect Michael’s image. Each hand-drawn dot David places represents a person who is part of Michael’s legacy. One Dot = One Fan.

Michael set the standard for giving by supporting more charities than any other celebrity, making massive contributions (donating *all* tour proceeds for two of his tours), working tirelessly for increased attention to major social issues such as AIDS and conservation, forming personal friendship with the sick and needy at nearly every tour stop, paying for funerals for victims of violence, and giving in every other imaginable way.

This project's community of participants was inspired to do something with their tremendous energy. Beyond being a forum for friendships, healing and fun, the project supports the charitable activities of dot members who spontaneously form groups big and small to do good.

David says, "Each time I get to meet the people who are the faces behind the dots, I am surprised once again by their passionate responses to being part of the drawing. They often tell me how being a dot-member has woven its way into their life story. It’s strange but beautiful that people can have such a deep connection to my drawings, that, because they are represented in the art, they feel more hope and strength. I feel honored to be a part of their lives, inspired by their experience, and driven to give them more.”

Visit www.MichaelJacksonTributePortrait.com